For over two decades, Agary pharmaceutical Ltd. has partnered with a wide array of customers and consultants in numerous fields and specialization, we pride ourselves as “Nigeria’s number one company in hospital consumables”. Our diverse clients from different professional specialisations benefit from our wide array of products needed in the health sector. We specialize in hospital consumables, Medical equipment, Diagnostics, drug manufacturing, Pharmaceutical raw materials and Quality German supplements (Queisser).

Our commitment and drive has propelled our growth from a single marketing company to a world class manufacturing facility. From working with small businesses to big conglomerates, Agary pharmaceutical Ltd. works round the clock to bring our clients imaginations to life and move them forward through innovation. We aim to meet the needs of the healthcare sector by providing easy access to internationally certified quality products that assist in the rendering of healthcare services.


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It has been and it will always be the company's objective and commitment to keep its customers satisfied with its quality, reliability and price competitiveness in the market.

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